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Super Bowl weekend is upon us, and this year, the big game is going to be streamed live online for the very first time. Who wants to see the game between the Giants and the Patriots on a tiny laptop screen, you might ask? Cord cutters and other folks without cable or even a TV set for one, but the live stream also comes with some extra perks that the TV broadcast won’t offer: Viewers will be able to select from different camera angles, pause the game and other fun stuff.

Are you one of those people who just watch the game to catch a glimpse of the ads? No worries, you’ll find all of those online as well. There is also a bunch of second-screen action going on this year to deliver tweets and other extra content to your cell phone or iPad while you watch TV. And speaking…

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Japanese cloud-gaming and VOD startup G-cluster plans to enter the U.S. market with an on-demand mobile gaming service, presenting a possible challenge to OnLive. The company has secured an unnamed amount of funding from Intel(s intc) and Vivendi’s French mobile carrier SFR to expand its reach beyond home casual gaming and movie streaming into high-end gaming for tablets and smartphones.

G-cluster has already established itself in France, providing a casual gaming service through SFR’s residential broadband arm that customers can access through their TVs and set-top boxes or on their Macs or PCs. In Japan, G-cluster is offering an HD movie-on-demand service to connected TVs. But according to Sevan Kessissian, G-cluster VP of Content and Strategy, the startup has bigger ambitions than just casual gaming and video in the domicile. It plans to combine the processing might of the cloud and low-latency, high-bandwidth connections of new wireless networks to create…

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